Tom Rocks Finance is a specialist finance broker for pharmacy

An approved NPA partner we specialise in business loans and finance from £50k-£50m. We are all about getting better terms for you from the banks on any finance product your business needs.

We are different because, as well as our 20+ years of pharmacy sector experience, we search the whole market to get you the best business finance terms. Our excellent network of contacts among all the major banks and lenders means we are able to find the bank  which will suit you best and give you great terms

If we don’t we’re not doing our job properly, and we like to do a good job. When we do a great job we feel good, you feel good and you’ll tell other people we did a great job for you.

We are passionate about educating pharmacy owners and prospective owners that, just like generic medicine and wholesaler discount, money is a generic product and that there are competitive deals out there which can mean cost efficiencies and savings which add to your bottom line. So the top and bottom line is ‘it pays to shop around’

We aim to save you between 10-20% on what you would pay in interest charges and fees. This means that you and not the banks are better off. When it comes to buying a pharmacy this means tens and even a hundred thousand of savings when you come to us.

There is no charge to NPA members because when you are a NPA member  we take our fee from the lender

One of our favourite products is cash flow finance. When the banks are turning off overdrafts this helps smooth out the ups and downs of cash flow especially when the business is new or you want to invest in the business. We have the market leading product at the most competitive rates.

So if you want to know more or just say hello – lift the phone and call.